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Monday, March 31, 2014

metal bent and rusted by the force of the sea, just waiting for transformation into artwork...

I came across this rusted metal, probably a ships container,  thrown up from the sea while it hurled itself about during the winter storms along the North Cornish Coast. These shots are taken on around Towan Beach at Newquay, near the damaged BlueReef sea life centre.

I do try and understand why something appeals to me but with this image I think it may be because of several things ~
the once pristine, overly shiny, metal man-made box, totally crumpled by the power of nature, the erosion of the paint, the beautiful colour of rust, the way the metal now resembles crumpled textiles, the combination of the blue and rust colouration....the list goes on the more I look at it. I do know it is a terrific source for surface pattern, original colour-ways and would lend itself beautifully to art journal exploration.

.... metalwork from fridges also found its way onto the beach

I particularly like how the shadowy lines from the temporary barriers overlay the  intricate lines  of the metal grid

these permanent railings are slowly becoming coated in rust

these railing are above another Newquay beach but I have included them  again for the rust factor but also because of the  way the missing rail was replaced with bent and riveted strips, also again because to the lines and their interaction with each other

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