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Thursday, October 24, 2013

some of the Textile Art I will be taking to the Harrogate Knitting & Stitch Show this November....

.. this mixed media piece was created from derelict teacups, fused into organza with heat and tied with thin but tough wire and made as a reference to the wonderful, older and through adversity  stronger women in our family, although often overlooked by todays cultural slant towards youth and who 
felt the need to acknowledge their hidden qualities and strengths.

to me it seemed as these smashed cups had some stories to tell....

more crockery, this time sawn apart from a loved aunts house, I wanted to see what the  fragments would look like if more uniformly cut but decided they were not as interesting

for one of the many samples I embedded the pieces into clay, the tags represent teabags and the conversations that accompanied them. I did not choose to further sample along these lines but find that 'embedding' with a slight reveal of itthe item now seems to often pop up in my work

this is one of the pieces I'll be taking along to the Knitting & Stitch show this November in Harrogate, come along and say hello!


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